Is SGRC Business Case Analysis Appropriate for Your Utility?

The SGRC provides exceptional value regardless of the stage of your smart grid development. Our clients range from utilities that have yet to embark on smart grid investments to utilities on the leading edge of smart grid implementation. Applications range from evaluating and developing an initial smart grid development strategy, to evaluating "next step" extensions in smart grid implementations and to assessing and evaluating overall "after-the-fact" investment costs and benefits.

If your smart grid status is:

  • Skeptical about smart grid financial benefits for your utility: Depending on utility infrastructure and cost characteristics, some utilities are finding that smart grid investments are not financially attractive given current technology costs and other considerations. You can count on the SGRC to provide an unbiased evaluation of smart grid options appropriate for you utility. Our Smart Grid Experience Database, which provides information on over two-hundred utility smart grid investment outcomes, ensures an up-to-date, evidence-based analysis.

  • Waiting to embark on smart grid investments: The Smart Grid Investment Model and SGRC analysis provides a perfect evaluation and planning approach to consider alternative investment strategies and timing to fit your utility/customer circumstances and management objectives.

  • Undertaking pilot programs: As utilities move into the pilot stage, the evaluation/planning framework provided by the Smart Grid Investment Model supports application of pilot results to full service area projections required to determine benefits and costs associated with individual and combination technologies and programs.

  • Developing a Smart Grid Strategy: With information from pilots, vendors or internal analysis, utility planners develop a more informed view of smart grid benefits and costs required to identify technologies and programs that best meet their utility and customer characteristics. The Smart Grid Investment Model and SGRC staff analysis support financial evaluations utilizing these data in what-if analysis to develop smart grid strategies that best meet utility management objectives.

  • Smart Grid Investments Initiated: After initiating smart grid investments, utilities can benefit from continuous evaluations of investment activities monitoring costs and benefits and evaluating alternatives that exist in remaining build-out activities. The Smart Grid Investment Model provides a detailed framework for this analysis by providing continuous financial model updating with information on technologies and programs based on industry experience.

  • Evolving Smart Grid Systems: Achieving a smart grid is a continuing process that requires monitoring current systems and programs, evaluating new technologies and program options and benchmarking results to those of comparable utilities. The Smart Grid Investment Model and SGRC benchmarking services identify technologies and programs that can be used to improve the return on existing smart grid investments, to identify new technology and program potentials and to keep up with information on "best-in-class" smart grid applications.